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Shimano Service Centre- Big on Bikes Derby


The people who know your bike best

Looking for bike advice?

Maybe you want to buy a new bike, fix your old one or upgrade some parts?

Whilst your cycling buddies may have lots of opinions if you want the best advice speak to your mechanic – here is why. 

Your Shimano Certified Bike mechanic will understand compatibility 

For your bike to run sweetly all of the moving parts of its drive-train need to work together. Not all components are compatible so if you want to change your chain or a shifter you need to know it will work with all the other parts. It can be incredibly confusing!

Shimano mechanics know the component ranges inside and out so will be able to quickly give you the right answer, saving you time and avoiding costly mistakes. 

They will save you money 

When you are buying a new bike, or new parts for your bike, you want to make sure it will meet your needs and that it will last. An experienced bike mechanic will know which parts have the best longevity and will be able to cope with the demands of your cycling. They see a lot of worn out parts come through their workshop so they really do know what offers best performance and best value!

A Shimano Certified Bike Mechanic will know how to fix it

Bikes are in many ways beautifully simple machines, but as with every machine you need to look after it properly. Some bike technology is very sophisticated, for example suspension on mountain bikes and motors on e-bikes, so to keep it working properly and to improve its longevity it needs regular maintenance. A professionally trained and certified mechanic has the knowledge to look after every aspect of your bike to ensure it always works just as it should. 

They have an overview of the whole cycling market 

No matter how many magazines you and your ride buddies read or how much time you spend on bike forums, your mechanic will know more. Working in a shop they see all the latest products from a wide range of manufacturers and get to know about when new designs will be launching. Shimano trained and certified mechanics receive regular updates on the latest products so they are always at the cutting edge of bike technology. 

A Cycle Mechanic will listen to your unique cycling needs.

Buying a bike or upgrade parts is an important decision, a Shimano certified mechanic will be able to ask you the right questions about your lifestyle, how you ride and what you intend to use your bike for to make sure the bike you end up with suits you perfectly. It’s the best advice you can get!

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