Standard Bike Service

Standard Bike Service


We offer a Standard Bike Service at only £65 (plus parts) which is designed as a 6 monthly service for heavy mileage cyclists or a yearly service for occasional cyclists.

It consists of:

  • Check brake pads, cables, lubricate and adjust
  • Check gear cables, indexing and alignment, lubricate and adjust
  • Clean chain and derailleurs and check for alignment, damage and wear
  • Rear mech hanger checked and straightened
  • Spoke tension checked and tightened accordingly
  • Inspect tyres for wear and tear, repair punctures ensure inflated to correct pressure
  • Ensure all fixings are in good working order and fitted correctly
  • Frame & forks wiped down and checked for alignment
  • Headset checked for free movement and adjusted if required
  • Bottom Bracket checked for free movement and adjusted if required
  • Allen bolts checked and tightened
  • External adjustment of all bearings
  • Wheel hubs and rims checked for damage and wear
  • Test Ride

We will call you to advise if any parts need replacing.

We will assess your bike when you drop it off to ensure you are getting the appropriate Service to get your bike back to how it should be.

If you only need Gear Indexing or brake adjustment then please click here Repairs

If your bike needs the main bearings (Hubs, Headset, Bottom Bracket) looking at then please click here Full Service

We can also offer a pick up and delivery service in the Derby depending on your location*.


Or call us now on 01332 289688 or 07866 265804

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*Subject to additional charge depending on distance