cycle repairs
Repairs Price List

This is not exhaustive so please call if you have anything not listed below and we’ll give you a free, no obligation quote.

If you have a few repairs to get sorted then perhaps a Standard Service or Full Service might be more appropriate.

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We have a minimum labour charge for all repairs of £10.
Prices are for labour only, any parts are additional cost. ALL prices now include VAT
Gear Adjustment £15.00
Chain Fitting £10.00
Front Derailleur fitting & Set Up £15.00
Rear Derailleur Fitting & Set Up £15.00
Gear Shifter Fitting & Set Up £25.00
Integrated Gear & Brake lever Fitting & Set Up £25.00
Bottom Bracket Servicing / Replacement £20.00
Crankset Replacement £25.00
Rear Cassette / Freewheel Replacement £15.00

Brake Cable Replacement £10.00
Cable Disc Brake Fitting per brake £15.00
Rim Brake Fitting & Set Up £20.00
Hydraulic Brake Bleed per brake £20.00

General Cycle Repairs
Puncture Repair £10.00
Inner Tube / Tyre Fitting £10.00
Non Standard Drive / Wheel Hub Tyre or Inner Tube Replacement £15.00
Headset Service £15.00
Headset Replacement £20.00
Wheel Truing £20.00
Hub Service Front £20 Rear £25
Spoke replacement & Truing Front £20.00 plus cost of spokes
Spoke replacement & Truing Rear £25.00 plus cost of spokes
Saddle / Seatpost Replacement £15.00
Handlebar Replacement £25.00
Stem Replacement £15.00
Pedal Fitting £10.00
Fork Replacement £30.00

New Out Of Box Bike Build £60.00
Includes: Full Safety Check, Brake Set Up, Gear Set Up, Pedal Fitting

Custom Bike Build from £65.00