E-Bikes Servicing

Electric, Pedal Assist bikes or E-Bikes are very common in Europe and they have started to become more e-bike MTB popular in the UK.

They can help extend your ride, make hills a bit easier and make your commute “sweat free”.

Most e-bikes need as much if not more care and attention than conventional bikes. The management & charging of the battery is crucial, as well as ensuring the mechanical side of the bikes is kept up to standard to ensure the assistance the motor gives is not wasted.

Our servicing is set up so that you can get the most from your e-bike.e-bike hybrid

We are Cytech E-bike certified & trained.

We offer servicing on all types of e-bikes including: Shimano Steps, Bosch & Yamaha driven intelligent bikes and the older, non-intelligent e-bikes.

Please contact us to discuss your e-bike servicing needs on 01332 289688 or use our online form and we’ll call you back.